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HC - The King Of Fairy Tales (Lyrics by Björn de Verdier and music/arrangements by Jan Khouback) is a biographical musical. It is H.C. Andersen´s own story about the ugly scorned duckling who grew up to be a beautiful magnificent swan.

It is also a social epic about the fascinating ascent on the class ladder accomplished on his own initiative and in a very wilful way, by the poor fatherless shoemaker´s son.
His immensely abundant fantasy and empathy together with a vain self-centeredness were some of the conditions which created one of the most famous authors in the history of the world.

H.C. Andersen´s eager urge for fame conquered many of his fears and took him to the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen where he at the beginning was a complete failure.
However we must always remember that he was then only an uneducated boy of fourteen.

This musical is based on H.C. Andersen´s autobiography: The Fairy Tale of My Life but also on many other literary sources. One of the most important being: H.C. Andersen: Mennesket og Digteren by Elias Bredsdorff.


Finally, the musical would never have been born without the lovely, wondrous and fanciful fairy tales.











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